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See the wood from the trees. Rapid ESG assessment.

ESG can be a confusing concept used to refer to a broad variety of issues, some of which are based on regulation, others are voluntary activities. It’s important to understand the difference and how ESG can be used to add value to your company rather than just be a costly compliance programme.

Our complementary rapid ESG assessment has been developed to help you to identify any mandatory ESG disclosures your organisation may need to comply with and assess where you are on your journey in relation to the quantification of ESG within your working practices. Please note that there are new regulations planned across the world which may change future requirements. 

The assessment does not require you to prepare beforehand, simply use your best judgement to answer based on your insight into your organisation. It has two sections and should  take no more than 7 minutes to answer, unless you stop for a coffee.

We will email your assessment results to a email address you provide at the end of the assessment.  If you would like to discuss your results with us further please schedule a free 30 minute consultation after completing the assessment.

Anderson Strategy Ltd respects your privacy